Bakingo: A Cloud Kitchen Evolved Into A Multi-Crore Company

Bakingo: A Cloud Kitchen Evolved Into A Multi-Crore Company

Online bakery Bakingo, founded in 2016, operates using a cloud kitchen concept and has locations in over 11 cities nationwide. Six years in advance of the venture, the journey to Bakingo began.


Bakingo launched its entryways in Gurgaon on November 29, 2018. The dessert business continued to develop and grow from its beginnings as an online bakery in Gurgaon to become possibly the most significant cake shop in the top five cities in India. So naturally, Bakingo celebrates its second birthday with its well-deserved reputation for providing cake deliveries in Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Bangalore.

This online venture started with careful planning and organized assumptions and has already overcome its initial challenges and is now moving forward to become a success story. The online platform offers everyone the ideal chance to enjoy every occasion and have love-infused sweets delivered anywhere in the stated cities, given the changing nature of consumer habits and transgressing each of them.


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Bakingo’s Formative Years

Online bakery Bakingo, founded in 2016, operates using a cloud kitchen concept and has locations in over 11 cities nationwide. Three undergraduate buddies from New Delhi’s Netaji Subhash University, Himanshu Chawla, Shrey Sehgal, and Suman Patra, joined together for their entrepreneurial endeavors six years before the start of Bakingo.

Following their graduation from college in 2006 and 2007, the three created their first business, Flower Aura, an online flower, cake, and custom gifts firm, in 2010. In February 2010, the business was established with 2 lakh in funding.

Valentine’s Day in 2010 saw an exponential increase in orders, and the co-founders Himanshu and Shrey had to chip in to handle order delivery. The business experienced rapid growth, and the founders decided that now was the ideal time for expansion. Bakingo was established in 2016 as a brand under a new corporation by Himanshu Chawla, Shrey Sehgal, and Suman Patra.

The Importance Of The Website In Branding

Himanshu Chawla asserts that one only has one chance to make an excellent first impression. Given that people’s attention spans are getting shorter, one has just seconds to get them to a website, raise the number of visitors, and explain what you do. Therefore, prioritize using high-quality product images on the website.

The website must be created to convey the brand’s total experience effectively. According to Chawla, showcasing excellent photos and videos increases the possibility of highlighting a brand’s greatest attributes, regardless of whether you offer exquisitely prepared food, have an eye-catching design, or your restaurant is situated in a lovely area.

Since a website is an excellent tool for supporting clients in becoming familiar with a brand, it should be created in a way that allows the business to develop a professional image.

Bakingo’s Unique Selling Point

Bakingo intends to establish a robust online presence that will aid in reaching the target audience and then grow into franchise stores that will make purchasing cake online a hassle-free job with options like same-day delivery, midnight delivery, and delivery within three hours.

Delivering freshly made cakes within three hours is one of our key USPs. Therefore we’re working to develop a reliable delivery network of our own. For this, we have also collaborated with a number of delivery services. At Bakingo, we strive to bring the highest-quality cakes to every door, even at the last minute.

According to Himanshu Chawla, we aim to make Bakingo a synonym for cakes.

Progression Of Bakingo To Exceptional Revenue

The business saw exponential growth, and the founders decided that now was the perfect time to grow. Himanshu Chawla, Shrey Sehgal, and Suman Patra introduced Bakingo in 2016 as a distinct brand under a new company. By offering the same brand of fresh cakes in the same flavor from various places around the nation, the project seeks to fill a gap in the market.

According to Himanshu, “the bakery sector in India has traditionally been a more localized experience, almost like a boutique, that may offer the best cuisine but fails to expand out with locations in many places.

The company offers a wider variety of cakes in tier two towns, including Meerut, Panipat, Rohtak, and Karnal, in addition to big cities like Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Delhi NCR. About 30% of Bakingo’s sales are made on their website, with the remaining 70% happening on other food portals like Swiggy and Zomato.In FY 2021–2022, the company brought in 75 crores in sales, and it employed about 500 people.

Additionally, Bakingo opened its first physical location this year in Delhi.

The Value Of Staff Development

A successful business depends on properly training its employees, especially the delivery boys. Since a single delivery guy can only carry two cakes at a time while maintaining their quality, delivery strategies must be developed, and workers must be adequately trained.

Although previous training is required, Chawla claims that the kind of training and criteria vary based on the type of bakery. A bakery employee who has received proper training will be familiar with food preparation, hygiene, and planning fundamentals. Some companies also provide executive training courses combining classroom instruction and real-world experience.


To fulfill online orders for cakes of the highest caliber and deliver them wherever in India, Bakingo was founded. Bakingo provides 500 different cake kinds at any given moment, unlike the 5 to 10 varieties typically offered at local bakeries. Through Swiggy and Zomato, Bakingo shops deliver within an 8 to 10-mile area.

They understood the gap between supply and demand, which is why they were able to meet our customer’s needs, which is the reason for their growing success. Currently, we are one of Delhi NCR’s top 3 bakeries. The group is betting with Bakingo and Flower Aura on the younger generation’s inclination to commemorate events like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries with cakes to get a larger market share.

Is Bakingo a reliable business?

●        The consumer rating for Bakingo is 3.99 stars out of 127 reviews, which shows that most consumers are typically happy with their purchases.

Where is the headquarters of Bakingo?

●        In India’s Haryana state, Bakingo is situated in Gurgaon.

What companies compete with Bakingo?

●, MissFresh, and PixieStix Bakery might be substitutes and rivals to Bakingo (Lillabee).

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