Apple becomes 3 trillion-dollar company | Apple Market cap is higher than Gdp of Uk and India

Apple becomes 3 trillion-dollar company in market cap as the company hits its all-time high.

Apple on Monday hit a 3 trillion-dollar market value which is now greater than the GDP of countries like the U.k and India and becomes the world’s first traded company to achieve this milestone. The iPhone and Mac maker has reported strong earning since the Covid-19 pandemic began as its product saw higher demand as more people worked from home. Apple’s market value crossed the 1 trillion dollars mark min august 2018 and in 2020 the company hit 2 trillion dollars as market cap.

Apple becomes 3 trillion-dollar company .

At $3 trillion, Apple’s market cap is higher than GDP of UK, India.

Now we cannot compare the Valuation of a company with countries Gdp, each is very different from the others. But at looking at these two we can imagine that how important and large these global corporations have become. We have Amazon, Alphabet the parent company of Google, Tesla, and Mircosoft these companies also have market caps exceeding 1 trillion dollar.

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