Anubhav Dubey’s Success Story: Career Net Worth Income and More

Anubhav Dubey’s Success Story: Career Net Worth Income and More

Anubhav Dubey, an IAS candidate from a small town, gave up his UPSC aspiration to launch a multi-billion dollar company. And his life is now a motivational lesson for everyone.


Anubhav Dubey founded the Chai Sutta bar when he was only 22 years old. One of Indore’s top restaurants, Chai Sutta Bar, offers traditional Chai and coffee. Many organizations have recognized his endeavor. This motivational story describes a man who, in a single year, extended his business to four locations around the city without taking a single cent from his parents.

The conversation on how to join the market was highly significant. More than 135 Chai Sutta bars are located in 65 cities and four countries. Chai Sutta Bar has flourished over many locations and several lives, serving three lakh Kulhads of tea daily while employing over 1500 disabled and orphaned workers.


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Information About Anubhav Jain

Full Name  Anubhav Dubey
Famous for      Founder of Chai Sutta Bar
Date of Birth   1996
EducationRenaissance College of Commerce and Management
HomeTownRewa city of Madhya Pradesh
Net Worth100 Crore

Creating A Tea Business After Quitting the IAS dream

Anubhav, originally from a small town in Madhya Pradesh, moved to Delhi intending to pass the UPSC and become an IAS official. Instead, he became another success story associated with Chai (tea). He received a call from his buddy, Anand Nayak, from Indore one day when he was in Delhi studying for the UPSC, saying that they should launch their college-era business idea of selling tea.

The goal of Dubey’s parents was for him to join the IAS. He, therefore, traveled to Delhi to prepare for the UPSC examinations after finishing his education. He remained until he received a call from Anand Nayak, who would later serve as his co-founder. They had been close friends since high school, and when Anand suggested they start a company together, Anubhav chose. They had a limited budget when they started, but they soon realized they had no money.

With the help of friends’ gifts and used furnishings, they opened their first store in Indore, next to a hostel. They picked up a useless piece of wood and hand-wrote the brand name “Chai Sutta Bar” on it because they lacked the funds to print a banner.

They ultimately discovered a space that was an empty cement warehouse after investing their funds of 3 lakh rupees in the venture. They loved the room and chose to rent it since it is next to the ladies’ hostel, and they wanted to draw a mob of young women to draw in more customers.

Unfortunately, no one showed up to drink the complimentary tea on the first day since they spent all the money furnishing and decorating the space and deciding to provide complimentary tea. The next day, they made calls to all of their friends to assemble a fictitious crowd in hopes that more people would show up. The same thing transpired.

Criticism Faced By Anubhav Dubey

The two buddies faced many challenges and criticism in the early stages of the company. Anubhav received jeers for giving up his IAS aspirations to serve tea. However, the business began to fill up with people as the moniker gained popularity over time. They began focusing on growing and starting new franchises, and as a result, they currently have more than 165 locations worldwide, including Nepal, Dubai, Muscat, Oman, and India.

In addition, stores will soon launch in America and Canada. Soon after, the local news reported on their accomplishment, which only helped them gain their friends and family’s encouragement and confidence. Today, the business has 165 locations and serves over 18 lakh people nationwide. With just Rs 3 lakh as their first investment, Anubhav and Anand now have a turnover of more than Rs 100 crore.

More than 100 people presently employed by his team have jobs thanks to the expansion of Chai Sutta Bar. Additionally, it opens up economic options for 250 families of potters who produce kulchas, or clay cups, for their retail stores.

The Chai-Sutta Bar’s Special Qualities

100+ different types of tea are available at Chai-Sutta Bar. Along with ordinary Chai, this wide variety appeals to consumers with a diversity of preferences. One of the Indian chai franchise chains with the quickest growth is Chai-Sutta Bar. It has quickly gained popularity among many clients thanks to its simplicity and distinctiveness.

Because of this, investing in its franchise is the greatest choice. Franchise charges and expenses for chai-sutta bars are minimal. One might anticipate good profits as a result.

In Kulhads, tea and coffee are sold. This is a distinctive and age-old method of sipping tea in India. The “Mitti” that makes up kulhads enhances the flavor and aroma of hot tea when served in them. They provide refreshments and snacks at reasonable pricing. They provide a suitable setting where you might spend some time socializing with your friends, coworkers, or family.

Basic Information Regarding Chai Sutta Bar Franchise Restrictions

1. The Franchise Site of Chai Sutta Bar

Location is key when it comes to profitability and foot traffic in the food sector. As every restaurant or cafe owner would want to open his or her outlet in a place that would draw a lot of customers, Chai Sutta Bar is asking of you as a franchise owner. A location close to offices, college campuses, or busy marketplaces is necessary for CSB because it’s a good location for one of its stores. Additionally, it benefits franchise owners as location affects profit.400 to 2000 square feet would be needed for the outlet. Nevertheless, this will vary depending on the kind of shop you want to operate.

2. Cost of a Chai-Sutta Bar Franchise And Investment

The estimated investment varies from one region to another and is only a rough estimate. You will have to spend about three lakhs on machinery and equipment, five lakhs on interior furnishings, and two lakhs on initial raw materials. Your whole investment would be ten lakhs, plus some additional ancillary costs. The cost of a Chai-Sutta Bar franchise is INR 6 Lakhs plus an annual 2% royalty.

3. Return On Investment And Profit

Due to lower overall expenditures, the predicted profit margin in this franchise outlet is rather significant. A 35–40% profit margin is anticipated. This return is pretty respectable, given the investment and uncertainties in the food industry. You won’t begin making net profits for about 1.3 years since your initial investment won’t have been repaid yet.

4. Experience

You must have prior culinary expertise in order to purchase a Chai Sutta Bar business. They do, however, offer training to the franchise owner and its employees. You may still apply for a franchise even if you lack the expertise; they will review your application to see whether you can manage day-to-day operations.


An Indian chain of cafes called Chai-Sutta Bar is expanding quickly. It still has a long way to go, especially given how much India loves her tea. It also demonstrates that the management of the business has a strategy for the brand because the team intends to expand its footprint to other nations. For someone seeking a little investment, a Chai-Sutta Bar franchise location may serve as a supplemental source of income. Anyone with a modest investment may start their own CSB franchise because the company is simple to administer.

What gave rise to the Chai Sutta Bar?

●        The two friends decided to launch a chain of tea cafes in Indore in 2016 with an initial investment of Rs 30 lakh after observing “chai anywhere and everywhere.”

Why is Chai Sutta Bar well-known?

●        The goal of Chai Sutta Bar, which is renowned for its originality and top-notch service, is to combine Kulhad’s health advantages with the most popular beverage, “Chai,” in India.

Where is the first Chai Sutta Bar location?

●        The entrepreneurial genius and his pals Anand and Rahul launched the first Chai Sutta Bar location in Bhawarkua, Indore.

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