AMTD Digital Has Surpassed Goldman Sachs Following A 14000% Rise

AMTD Digital Has Surpassed Goldman Sachs Following A 14000% Rise

Hong Kong-based AMTD Digital Inc.’s Class A and Class B shares were more than $203 billion as of the most recent trading day. AMTD Digital Inc. was listed in New York less than three weeks ago.


There appears to be a new financial behemoth in the world. The market value of Hong Kong-based AMTD Digital’s Class A and Class B shares reached more than $US310 billion ($446 billion) this week, owing to the company’s phenomenal expansion since its New York stock market debut less than three weeks ago.

This implies that even if the company only generated US$25 million in sales for the fiscal year that ended in April 2021, it is still worth more than Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. In addition, the company creates digital enterprises, including financial services. That makes it, at least on paper, the third-largest financial institution in the world, after JPMorgan Chase and Berkshire Hathaway, the firm founded by billionaire Warren Buffett.


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Details Regarding AMTD Digital

IndustryFinancial Technology
Founded2019; 3 Years Ago
FounderCalvin Choi
HeadquartersCentral, Hong Kong

The financial technology company AMTD Digital is situated in Hong Kong. It is a division of the AMTD Group, a Hong Kong-based provider of financial services. Early in August 2022, the corporation rose to prominence as its shares rose 21,000% since its initial public offering (IPO) in mid-July, giving it a market valuation of nearly $310 billion.

As a result, AMTD Digital became the 14th-largest corporation in the world, surpassing organizations like Bank of America, The Coca-Cola Company, Shell plc, and Costco. Calvin Choi, a former UBS banker who is presently appealing an industry ban in Hong Kong for failing to declare conflicts of interest, is a prominent figure in AMTD Digital’s complex ownership structure.

AMTD Digitals Operations

With its software platform, AMTD SpiderNet, AMTD Digital offers digital solutions to clients, mainly in the financial sector. The company runs four business lines: Digital Financial Services, Digital Investments, Digital Media, Content & Marketing, and SpiderNet Ecosystem Solutions. The company’s income is mainly derived from fees and commissions charged on its SpiderNet Ecosystem Solutions division and its Digital Financial Service sector.

Surging AMTD Digital Stock

Although several experts have mentioned the stock’s small public float, the reason for the stock’s rise remains a mystery. It’s also unclear why AMTD Idea Group, an investment bank stock that is part of the AMTD Group, has jumped 525 percent between July 15 to Tuesday’s closing.

Despite falling 9.7% on Wednesday, that stock was the fourth-most-bought business on Fidelity’s trading platform, showing that individual investors are starting to like it. Requests for comment from AMTD Digital did not immediately receive a response. A Tuesday statement stated that while it was keeping an eye on the market for any unusual trading activity, it was unaware of any “material circumstances, events, or other issues” that may be influencing the stock price. Following five years at UBS, Choi became the chairman and CEO of AMTD Group in 2016.

It was founded in 2003 with financial support from Li Ka-business, shing’s CK Hutchison Holdings, and is the parent company of AMTD Idea Group and AMTD Digital, both listed in Singapore and the US.

Reddit members have refuted claims that they were connected in the Reddit topic r/wallstreetbets. Instead, the behavior has been compared to the GameStop short squeeze and the stock spike of AMC Theaters. Its parent business AMTD Idea Group (NYSE: AMTD), which grew by 300% in the same week and was, according to Fidelity Investments, the most actively traded stock on August 2, also profited. On Tuesday, AMTD Idea shares increased by 520%, and AMTD Digital’s market value reached $400 billion.

Reputable Backers Of The Firm

Following five years at UBS, Choi became the chairman and CEO of AMTD Group Co. in 2016. It was founded in 2003 with funding from Li Ka-CK Shing’s Hutchison Holdings Ltd. and is the parent company of AMTD Idea Group and AMTD Digital, both of which are publicly traded in the US and Singapore. Additionally, AMTD Idea has well-known supporters. A 5.8% share in the company is held by Century City International Holdings Ltd., controlled by the Lo family, a real estate dynasty in Hong Kong. In 2019, a division of Morgan Stanley made a fundraising round investment.

For three years running through 2019, AMTD Group was one of the event’s most prominent sponsors. Choi sat on panels alongside business leaders, including Standard Chartered Plc Chief Executive Officer Bill Winters, throughout those times. Choi was expelled from the securities industry for two years earlier this year by Hong Kong authorities for failing to declare conflicts of interest in deals he participated in while at UBS. He is contesting the verdict.


 From Hong Kong to New York, people are guessing about what, if anything, is driving AMTD’s increase. One explanation is that just a tiny part of its shares are accessible for trade. While last year’s retail trading frenzy, which increased shares of firms like GameStop, was similar to the recent rise in the US, several Reddit and Twitter users looked perplexed by the gains, refuting suggestions that the subreddit WallStreetBets was responsible.

Who is AMTD Digital’s owner?

●        In January 2003, an affiliate of CK and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia established AMTD Group. A little-known Asian fintech business called AMTD Digital is mainly owned by privately held AMTD Group, which also controls the New York Stock Exchange-listed AMTD Idea Group.

What is the purpose of AMD Digital?

●        Fees and commissions from its digital financial services company and through its online “metaverse” network dubbed SpiderNet are how AMTD Digital makes money.

What is the work of AMTD International?

●        AMTD International Inc., commonly known as AMTD IDEA Group (NYSE: AMTD; SGX: HKB), is a leading financial institution in Asia and a provider of digital solutions that link investors and businesses in China, Hong Kong, and the ASEAN markets with international capital markets.

Who is Goldman Sachs’ owner?

●        Inc. Goldman Sachs Group. By controlling 70.93% of the outstanding shares of GS, institutional investors own a majority stake in the company.

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